Data science

Data science

Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence dedicated to algorithms that improve through data exposure.

Machine learning algorithms build a mathematical model from sample data for the purpose of making predictions. Machine learning techniques are used in a wide variety of industries, including the medical, automotive, and transportation industries.

One of the activities of Vidalis is the analysis and description of images based on AI and ML technology.

Vidalis specializes in creating and maintaining software used in Data Science in Python (mainly based on the TensorFlow library) and Java (Apache Spark, DL4J) using the above-mentioned. software in cloud environments from the Azure family and Google.


The main area of our interest is the use of machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence for the purposes of a dynamically developing medical industry based on research data saved in accordance with the DICOM standard. Thanks to this standard, we are able to create software for the analysis of medical data in a wide range, including, among others, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and digital radiography.

The DICOM standard is still being developed by working groups, thanks to which in the near future it will allow us to expand our offer as part of, for example, the provision of services as part of automatic data processing, imaging of pets and photoacoustic imaging.